Game studio Lifelong Fun;D is looking for people who would find a spark of joy in developing a revolutionary online role playing-game.

Are you a gamer? Are you interested in the world of games and their creation? This could be your dream job! Seize the opportunity to create your own professional and well-paid position that takes into account your strengths, ideas and suggestions.

We have created:

– a powerful, compelling story;

– a clear vision to transform and resurrect the stale world of online role playing games;

– systems and solutions that players have been expecting.

This is your chance to be a part of creating something huge and impactful. Contribute directly with your ideas, thoughts and solutions so this project could be appreciated and enjoyed by the whole gaming community in the very near future.

We are mostly focused on the Asian and United States markets, but the game can be enjoyed globally. We are looking for team members from all over the world, friendly, open people who know they have a lot to offer, although they may not have always been taken seriously or listened to. We will create this game together.

Our team is looking for:

Personnel recruiters - Do you have an eye for finding the right people for the right jobs?

Kickstarter project manager - Are you inspired by big investments and have experience in drawing them to innovative projects?

3D-artists - Maybe you dream of realizing your skills by creating a 3D game world?

Programmers - Do you like creating new systems and programming the game world’s logic?

Level designers - Do you enjoy designing worlds in the game engine, placing objects and shaping environments?

Community managers - Do you prefer talking about your team, posting in groups and message boards, interacting with the community and bearing our message all over the world?

If all this has touched you somehow, have a look at our game’s introduction video on our website and contact us at

From there we can chat via video conferences and exchange ideas on how to help each other. NB! If you have never participated in game creation before but feel that you could help in any other role, please let us know!

If you know someone who might be interested in our offer or just wish to help, share this message in your channels. You will help us create a proper online role playing game.