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The Gods to Be

A geneticist from the starship Sundisk, designation 8-AD-455, nickname Badass, is marooned on an unknown planet and must fight for survival alongside his shipmates.

1. The Arrival

2. The Landing

3. The Meeting

4. The Awakening

5. Lakeside

6. Hunting

7. People

8. The Meeting

9. Morning In The Village

10. The Work

11. In The Village

12. The Giant Giant Frog

13. The Meeting

14. Back Again

A World in Slumber

After crash-landing on an unfamiliar planet, engineer 9-KO-512 from the starship Sundisk learns to survive, searches for the rest of her expedition, and interacts with local wildlife.

1. Boundless ice fields

2. If I had a multi-converter...

3. My guide, the river

4. Atop the spruce

5. Someone in distress

6. Little friend

7. The beaked beasts

8. The way down

9. An antlered mount

10. Another survivor

11. The Spring